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Often when we are in a state of overwhelm and burn out we just CAN’T STOP.

We are so afraid that if we stop it will all or we ourselves will fall apart.

When we think about allowing ourselves to stop and reflect and take a step back we tell ourselves things like, ‘what if I take my foot off the peddle and THE WORLD COMES TO AN END!!’

Firstly, it never comes to an end.

Secondly, that stopping, is what will ensure your world doesn’t actually blow up.

The longer we allow ourselves to live in the chaos the closer we are to something or all of it blowing up.

Ever have those times where it seems like literally one thing after the another goes to shit?

When that happens and you’re living in chaos already, it’s pretty hard to be the one that comes up with solutions.

This is when we start to do things that we wouldn’t normally do like, jump ship and pack it all in.

If we allow ourselves the space, even a little, to stop, take stock.

Reconnect with what’s important to us.

Give our minds the capacity to find solutions to our problems.

We start making better decisions.

We make decisions not just in reaction to the fire that just started but with intention and consideration.

You start to realise how strong and amazing you are and that you can handle the stuff that gets thrown at you.

You just need to STOP.

Keeping on, keeping on is NOT the answer.

Are you running a million miles per hour?

Are you tired? Are you just pushing through the tiredness?

Are you ignoring the warning signs of what is happening to your health?

Now is the time to stop.

Please give yourself permission to look after yourself, and stop.


Listen to your body. What is it telling you?

What do you need to do to bring back some control into your life?

Stop, Listen

Wishing you all the joy!

Louise x

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