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So often we just go ahead and start doing stuff throughout the day, assuming that starting at the top of the list and plowing through it is the way to go.

Or we put a bunch of stuff on our ‘list of things to do today’ without ever stopping to consider how long those things are REALLY going to take and if they can even fit into a day, let alone the few hours you have available.

If you have never used the concept of ETC (Estimated Time to Complete) before it might be the thing that starts to help you feel like you are winning at the end of the day.

Using it is super simple.

  1. Find something on your ToDo list
  2. Estimate how long you think it will take you to complete.
  3. Now when you are ready to carry out that task you can determine if you can fit it into the time available to you.

I like to add a little buffer to some tasks, say 20%, because things always take longer than expected.

If my ETC is larger than a couple of hours max. I break it down into smaller parts.

Start using ETC to plan your daily tasks so that you can create a more realistic list of things to do and even better, so that when you get to the end of the day you can feel like you achieved what you set out to do because it was realistic!

It feels nice to win. So set yourself up for success and use ETC daily.

Wishing you happy planning!

Louise x

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