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I’ve lived with chronic illness since I was 16 so I understand what it’s like to be burnt out, to be completely stressed, overwhelmed and to be frustrated with just feeling crap ALL THE TIME.

Feeling like there’s just no way out.

Like there’s just no one simple answer.

Like there’s just no one easy solution.

And yes, it’s true.

There is no magic pill that solves something like chronic illness.

It’s a combination of many things, in my work and my life that create wellness.

If you’re looking for a magic pill, the one thing that’s going to get you out of overwhelm.

Well I hate to tell you.

It doesn’t exist.

BUT it is about finding the right things for you.

For your business

For your life

For your preferences

That’s why there is NO ONE THING.

It has to be the right things, for you.

I am living through a flareup right now.

Which means I have to make hard choices and be really intentional about where I spend my energy and my time.

They have to be the right things for my health and my family and my business.

Are you making hard choices about where you spend your energy and time?

OR are you just continuing to push through the day hoping the feeling of overwhelm will one day go away if you can just take a few more things off that ToDo list.

You know I’m right.

I hear that voice in your head.

‘Just one more late night.’

‘Just one more weekend.’

‘When I get that stuff done, that’s when I’ll feel better.’

How has that been working out for you so far?

You say you feel frustrated with feeling overwhelmed but how often are you really intentional and controlled with where your energy and time goes?

Do you have systems, processes and strategies to find your way out of this state of overwhelm?

Like I said, it’s no one thing.

It’s a combination of things to create the life and lifestyle that feels good for you.

So start making more intentional choices about where you CHOOSE to put your time and energy.

Stop doing it just because it’s on your ToDo list.

Ask yourself if it needs to be on YOUR list.

And start saying no more.

Choose You!

You are awesome, so stop sapping your awesomeness with overwhelm.

What are you choosing to do today (and choosing not to do)?

Wishing you all the joy

Louise x

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