Seriously overwhelmed and sick of it

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I hope you are having the most amazing day!

In 2020 I had the absolute pleasure of working with some amazing small business people and entrepreneurs.

No matter the size of the business, stage of the business or where they were at in their career, they all at one time or another, or sometimes all the time, suffered from that terrible affliction that many of us suffer from called Overwhelm.

You may know it well.

It may be a constant companion for you
Maybe it’s one of those things that only sometimes rears it’s ugly head for you.

Either way, you know what I’m talking about.

Now I know as well as anyone (I’m human, I’ve been there more than once) that all you want is to JUST NOT FEEL THAT WAY ANYMORE.

You’re done with it and just sick of it right?

I get it! But everyone is so desperate to crawl out of overwhelm that we often don’t stop to understand why we are there?

Do you understand where Overwhelm comes from and why we feel that way?

Maybe you’re thinking you don’t even care why, you just want to feel in control of your work and life again. Right?

However, understanding why we feel overwhelmed makes it easier to understand what we need to do to truly get out from under it.

You can have a thousand techniques but understanding why, and then looking at yourself and working out where that is coming up for you makes it easier to pin point where to start solving it.
For YOU!

I’ve created this short workshop to help you understand what Overwhelm is and how to start finding your way out of it to live your best life.

There’s no registering and waiting around to get this info, you can access it right now.
In this workshop you’ll learn:
What is Overwhelm
Why we get Overwhelmed
Key Techniques to combat Overwhelm
What to ask yourself when you are feeling
OverwhelmedCheck it out now.
Get Access To The Workshop
Please reach out to ask me any questions by simply replying to this email.

Wishing you all the joy!

Louise x

P.S. Keep an eye out, my Organise Yourself Out of Overwhelm Bootcamp March Intake is opening soon.

P.P.S. When we take the time to look at ourselves and understand what’s really going on for us, that is when we can truly start to find the answers to our problems. Slow Down and listen to yourself. You’re really smart, you already know what you need 🙂

Louise Ledbrook

I help high performing people like you transform your life and business to achieve next level results.


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